Hypersonic website load speeds for your visitors from England, the rest of Europe and Africa

We partner with one of the best–known data centers in England to ensure the fastest possible web site load speeds for the visitors to your dynamic multimedia web pages. This is an excellent opportunity for you to guarantee the best possible online experience for your customers from the United Kingdom, the rest of Europe or Africa.

The Pulsant data center is located several kilometers north–west of London and provides great safety conditions for your resource–swallowing websites and applications. A group of well–trained system administrators is working onsite 24x7 to ensure a ninety–nine point nine percent uptime and to make off–site backups of your hosted content on a weekly basis.

In the United Kingdom located datacenter you’ll find different VPS plans that you can make use of. Our VPS Hosting plans don’t involve any account activation taxes and are fitted out with SSDs. You’ll get an Operating System of your choosing, an admin panel as well as a Hosting Control Panel pre–installed on the server. The British data center option is available on the signup page.

United Kingdom Shared Hosting Services

If you are looking for something less expensive than a Virtual Private Server, we’ve got the ideal solution waiting for you in our United Kingdom located datacenter – a Linux shared hosting package account. All our Linux shared hosting packages plans are based upon our ultramodern shared hosting system, which we have developed from scratch. This allows us to guarantee a 99.9% uptime for all websites hosted under a United Kingdom Shared Hosting account. Besides, with each account, you will also receive a totally free domain name.